You’re a traveller. You love nothing more than jumping on a plane and heading off to a new destination. But are you a serious traveler? How many things can you tick off this list?

You know you’re a serious traveller when:

1) you open your wallet and find 2 or more different currencies!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

2) someone asks your home address, and you don’t have one to give!

3) the sight of a new stamp in your passport excites you!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

4) there are multiple time zones stored in your phone!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

5) you refer to cities by their airport code!

6) you can say hello, goodbye and thank you in multiple languages!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

7) people back home start a conversation with you by asking where you are!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

8) you have to think about time zones before making a telephone call!

9) getting through security, in the quickest possible time, has become an artform!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

10) you can pack everything you need for travel, into a small backpack, in less than 15 minutes!

11) you have more travel apps on your phone than anything else!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

12) you have a VPN on your phone, computer and iPad so you don’t miss a second of your favourite shows back home!

13) you have more friends all over the world than you have back at home

14) you own multiple sim cards from different countries and hold onto them with plans to use them again!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

15) trying new foods is not so unusual!

16) you arrive in a new city and make a smooth transition from one type of transport to another, without a care in the world!

17) you are surrounded by people that you don’t understand, and it doesn’t phase you in the slightest!

18) you talk to friends and family online, more than in person!

19) you constantly have to check your phone to know what day of the week it is!

20) you get excited to visit a local supermarket and see your favourite food from home on the shelves!

21) you know how to convert many different currencies into your home currency!

You're a traveller - but are you serious?

So how did you go? Do you have more you’d like to add? Post your score below and let us know of any others you’d love to share!

Until next time…


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