That’s it… I’ve had enough… I just can’t spend another minute trying to figure out where we are going. There’s just too many places to choose from! LOL

Now, I can see you all sitting at home, shaking your heads saying “really?” – I know, it’s not a horrible problem to have, but there are literally too many choices! I have spent way too much time researching different places. This adventure is meant to lower my stress, not increase it.

So, I’m giving up and handing the decision to you!  Yes, that’s right. You can decide where we go next!


For us, part of the fun of the adventure that lays ahead is the uncertainty… so we figure if we let you choose it will be all the more exciting. Think of it like a choose your own adventure book – but instead of choosing where the book goes, you choose where we go!

So after our Aussie, UAE and European adventures in Jan-Mar 2016, when we return to South East Asia, where will our adventure lead us?

Voting is open until 31st December 2015 – Place your vote and help shape our adventure – depending on the response, we may open the voting again in the future! Vote Now!

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We’d love to know WHY you voted the way you did! Comment below and tell us why! Any places in particular you recommend?

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