Well… it’s public!  Tonight was the night that the whole world found out about our plans!

We’ve needed to keep the sale of the business quiet, for obvious reasons, but that has also meant not talking to anyone about our plans.  But now, with the sale of the business only days away, it was time to go public.

Today has been months in the making.  But suddenly putting the words down on paper (or Facebook post as it went) suddenly made it all so real. And in the minutes leading up to the announcement, I cried like a baby.

Our business, Cakes by Karen, has been a massive part of my life.  I have lived, breathed and dreamt about cake for the past 5 years. I don’t really remember life without the business – it really has been all consuming.

Over recent weeks as we’ve prepared for this to happen, I knew this time would come.  I knew that at some point it would become real. I knew I would have to tell everyone. The minutes before it went public though made me panic a little – it felt like the moment of no return. Are we doing the right thing? Are we making the biggest mistake of our lives? Who am I without CBK? What on earth will people think?

Back in the days when this whole adventure was just a tiny spec of an idea, the thought of telling people was very scary. People like “normal”. Selling up everything you own to travel the world, with no real plans, isn’t normal.

What will they think?

Why do we worry so much about what other people think? If we think it’s a good idea, and it makes us happy, isn’t that enough? Well, that’s what I kept telling myself, but in reality, the people who’s opinions truly mattered to me the most were my Family; and I think that is completely understandable! Making a decision like this is BIG! And it’s normal to want the people you love the most to be supportive! I certainly didn’t want to pack up and leave without their support.

The very first person I told was my little Sister… in a way I felt like she was the easiest to tell! I’m not sure why, but I felt like her response was almost guaranteed to be positive, which was really what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that it was a brilliant idea and that I should go for it! I wanted to hear anything other than “YOUR CRAZY!” 🙂

When it came to my parents however… I wasn’t so sure.

Telling my Dad was far easier than I expected. I’d built myself up with every explanation I could come up with as to why this was a great idea. I even practiced it in my head, over and over again. I’m not sure what I expected to happen, but what i got was definitely not it… “that sounds like fun” and “I know someone who could help you make plans” were his words! All that worry for nothing!

In the days since, I have been absolutely overwhelmed with how incredibly supportive people have been. So encouraging, if not a little shocked! It seems that people like “normal”, but people also like things that are COMPLETELY abnormal as well!

So, it’s public. I have a sense of freedom all of a sudden. We’ve made our announcement and we’ve done so with an incredible amount of support and well wishes.

What on earth was I so worried about?

Who would you be the most concerned to tell? Let me know in the comments below!

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