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As we travel, we are constantly on the look out for different products to help us on our way. We have discovered so many that we just love – gadgets and goodies that we know are going to make our travelling life so much easier.

We want to share them with you so that you can benefit too. Many of the links below do contain affiliate links, however we only recommend them because we love them and use them ourselves. Clicking on the link won’t cost you a thing, but it will help us continue blogging and sharing our adventures and recommendations.

If you enjoy visiting our site, we’d love your support by checking out the products we love.

KidSafe Smart Watches

gps-watchThese awesome watches were a must buy for us before we left Australia. In fact, we bought them a few months before leaving and let Brody use it while riding to school. The peace of mind was brilliant and he loved having a little extra freedom! Initially we paid around $USD90 each for these watches, however at you can pick them up on special for just $39.95. We bought some more because we broke the first ones!


Flexiroam X

FlexiroamIf you love to travel, but hate data roaming charges, or the lack of internet data upon arrival in a new country, then you need to check out Flexiroam X.

Designed for travelers, you can get up to 100gig for free, for use over a 12 month period, and it only costs $USD9.99/year!

Earn FREE data buy interacting with their App (iOS and Android) and eliminate the chance of bill shock when you get home!


Standard home 300x250Fantastic flight deals!

Whenever we book flights, Skyscanner is our go to search tool.

Skyscanner compares thousands of airlines, including the budget lines, so you get a complete picture of what is available!



UberGet a FREE ride!

Uber has become our transport of choice in SE Asia! So easy to use and generally much cheaper than taxis!

Download the Uber App, setup your details and when you need a driver, book one, all in the palm of your hand.

What I love about Uber is that it is so quick and easy to use – we are notified who our driver is and their registration number, so we know who they are when they arrive!

Some areas are better than others, but for the most part, in the bigger city areas, Uber has been fantastic!

Trusted Housesitters

Get 2 months for FREE!

Trusted Housesitters is how we travel! If you haven’t checked our post on how to travel for free, click HERE!

What an amazing opportunity this site offers. We are forever thanking our home owners for allowing us to sit – but the feeling is extremely mutual – they are able to leave their home and their pet/s and travel with peace of mind.

We’ve found housesits in Spain, the UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and more!

Click on the image to get 2 FREE MONTHS off your subscription costs!

Long Tail Pro

LongTailPro 250x250Our long-term goal is to generate an income from online sources – and a HUGE part of being able to do that is getting traffic to our site!

One very popular way of doing that is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization – using specific words, known as keywords, to help those with particular interests find our site.

Sound complicated? Well, it can be, without the right tools and training. The tool we use (and love) is Long Tail Pro. Not only is it an amazing tool, but it has a fantastic education program to help you make the most of the effort you put in to building your blog/website.

CLICK HERE for a $1 trial!



HEREGPS without using Data!

HERE Maps – Offline navigation, directions & transit have been an absolute blessing. Download all of the maps you need ahead of time and then use your GPS offline – no data connection needed. We have now used this extensively in Australia, Bali and the UAE, and it has been spot on, every time!

It also features a handy speed limit notification – so if you aren’t 100% sure of your current speed, you can check HERE for details. You can set speed alerts to notify you when you go over the speed limit, which can be adjusted to suit your needs (handy in the UAE where you can legally go up to 20km/hr over the speed limit!)

We highly recommend this App and can’t imagine travelling without it.

Trail Wallet

TrailWallet125x125Budget tracker!

Trail Wallet is a brilliant little app, available for iPhone, that helps us track every cent we spend on our travels.

When travelling on a budget, we need to know exactly where we are up to at all times, and Trail Wallet makes it so simple. Adding a new item takes only a few seconds, and within a week or so of beginning to track things, it became a habit!

Reading Eggs

Reading EggsHelping our little girl learn to read!

An amazing program that both of our kids have used. It’s choc full of fun games and activities that kids just love – so much in fact that they don’t even realise they are learning!

The program contains multiple levels which can help children of various ages, from the very early days onwards.

And what I REALLY loved about this program? There is a free two-week trial! So give it a go!

Osprey Porter 46

Osprey OpenOur bag of choice!

We love this bag! Check out our article here to see our in-depth review of 7 fantastic bags… this one topped the list.

The Osprey Porter 46 is the perfect carry-on bag – easy to carry as a backpack, and it holds an incredible amount!

It’s super lightweight and really comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

In our opinion, it is the perfect carry on bag!


download (1)Perfect Grammar for everyone

Grammarly is a fantastic program for Bloggers and World/Homeschoolers alike.

Whilst on our travels we are all writing a fair bit for our blogs. Accuracy in our writing is really important to us – we want to give our readers the best possible product that we can! And sometimes, even a Journalism degree doesn’t guarantee perfect writing.

So with Grammarly on our side we are able to double check our work – for Worldschoolers like Brody, it explains WHY things should change, which we have already seen impacting his writing.

It is a paid service, but for Homeschoolers, or serious bloggers, it is a service worth every cent!


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