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MeSquareHi, I’m Karen, and I’m a travelholic! In fact, if I’m being completely honest, my whole family are travelholics!

Along with my Husband Cameron, and two kids, Brody and Sienna, we just love to travel – to jump on a plane and touch down in a new location, to explore unknown destinations, try new and yummy (sometimes not so yummy) food and learn new languages!

As a family, we travel the world and write about our experiences! Want to learn more about us? CLICK HERE!

In 2015 we made the decision to travel more – we sold our home, our business and most of our possessions and we now travel full time. Making such a monumental decision was a massive turning point in our lives, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

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Now I realise that not everyone is going to take the path we have, but what we do know is that travel is incredibly rewarding and in living this new lifestyle we would love to help others travel more too.

If we can do it, so can you!

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, single, or a part of a family, travel is simply amazing, and within your reach!

I should add that we aren’t rich. We don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank, or come from wealthy families – we are budget travellers – we know how to travel cost effectively – we believe every dollar saved is a dollar that can be spent on more travel!


Our goal with this site is to help you travel more, travel further and travel for less! Have you downloaded our free guide – The Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Travel? If not, CLICK HERE!

We also want to show you that travel WITH kids is not only possible but incredible!

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There is a wealth of information on this site, and it is constantly expanding each and every day. We share our highs and lows, along with plenty of tips and tricks to make travel easier and cheaper!

Here are some of our favourite articles to get you started!

We are growing this section at a rapid rate, as I frantically try to catch up on all the cities we’ve visited. Please click on the continent you are interested to be taken to the guides we have available.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, travel has an amazing way of broadening your horizons, teaching you more about yourself and helping you to appreciate life! So what are you waiting for – get out there! But, if you have any questions, or would like some advice, make sure to shoot us a message by visiting our Contact Us Page.

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See you on the road somewhere!