Summary and Reflection

I can’t tell you how many hours went into researching what went into our bags. Travelling with carry-on luggage only was EXTREMELY daunting to start with, and whenever we tell someone that we do, they are amazed that it is possible.

When we meet people, they offer to help us with our luggage, but we are completely under control – we have our systems in place, and with so little baggage, it’s not hard to do it ourselves.

Do we love travelling with Carry-On Only?

Absolutely YES! There are so many benefits and really, very few negatives. Getting around is pretty easy – with the backpacks on our backs, the only one that is a little awkward is the computer bag, but lucky for us Cam is nice and strong! 😉

When we get to new locations, it’s not hard to walk to our accommodation. The packs are comfortable and while walking is certainly easier without them, they are not so heavy as to make life really difficult.

Do we have enough clothes?

Surely do! We wash regularly, but then we did at home as well. At home though, we were pretty lazy when it came to putting clothes away! Now, our clothes come out of the wash and go onto hangers. They dry perfectly fine and we have zero need for an iron or ironing board.

All of the clothes we have work together, so we can mix and match well. To date, I’ve not once felt like I was short on anything!

Is there anything we regret bringing?

The only things that haven’t had a lot of use are the UV water purifier and the Wireless Backup Drive. The water purifier hasn’t been used much because we’ve been in Europe but when in Bali, it got well used.

Personally, I could probably do with fewer shirts – I seem to have about five that I rotate… sometimes forgetting the others are in my bag. But then, when I see them sitting in there it’s a nice surprise LOL!

Is there anything we wish we’d brought?

I think we are all content with what we have. In the future, we would like to streamline our power supplies though. With so many devices to charge, we have lots of bits and pieces. When we get around to it, we will streamline these by getting multi-adapters (1 device that charges up to 10 devices at once).

The Wireless Hard drive hasn’t had a lot of use. For the most part all of our files are backed up to DropBox – all of our photos sync automatically when we plug our phones or SD cards in, so we always know they are safe.

Apart from that, there isn’t anything else we could wish for!

Is there anything we’d change?

The choice of the three larger backpacks was brilliant – they have worked exactly as we wanted to and again, I couldn’t recommend them more. Sienna’s backpack would be great if it held a little more, but we do have to balance that with her being able to carry it.

We are going to look into another small day pack – one that can be folded down really small but opened up to a full-size day pack as necessary.

Otherwise, all of our planning has been worth while – our travel has been easy, our packs are great, and there isn’t a lot we would change!


So now, a question for you. How much “stuff” do you travel with? Could you travel with Carry On only?

Until next time…



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