When planning to travel, there are a myriad of Apps available to help make your life easier. But which ones do we use? What are our must have travel apps? Today we share them with you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this list – be sure to let us know of any that we haven’t included – if we try it and love it, we’ll update our list and give you credit (and a free link to your blog!)

We’ve broken this list into different categories – travelling is made up of so many different areas, these Apps just can’t be lumped into a single category.

Must Have Travel Apps – Planning

GoogleMust Have Travel Apps

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: Free

You would have to worry a bit if Google wasn’t on the top of this list! By far the most popular App we use to plan is Google – with a wealth of information at your fingertips, from travel reviews to hints and tips, it is definitely THE go to App.

Having said that, I’ve noticed lately that some don’t really understand the best way to search on Google. I know that sounds really strange, but it’s true. People can completely over complicate their Google searches, looking for the perfect combination of words to search! Keep it simple… ASK A QUESTION!

Looking to travel cheaply from Paris to London? Then ask exactly that: “What is the cheapest way to travel from Paris to London?” Google is a smart machine… it knows how to answer your questions!

WorldmateMust Have Travel Apps

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Upgrade available

Without WorldMate, I’d be in a total and utter mess (and on the few occasions I forgot to use it, I was!).

WorldMate is a planning tracker – tracking everything from hotel and flight bookings and everything in between.

What I truly love about WorldMate is the ability to email them my booking confirmations and have them automatically update it all – it makes life super easy! For example, when I make a flight booking, when I receive the confirmation email from the airline, I simply forward that to and within about 60 seconds I get a confirmation back telling me that my update has gone through – SIMPLE.

No more searching for bookings in your emails, simply add it to WorldMate and everything you need is at your fingertips!

Must Have Travel AppsDrop Box

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Upgrade available

I just love Drop Box – everything on my PC syncs to Drop Box, just to ensure that everything is safe at all times. I’d hate to be in the middle of a trip, only to find that my PC has crashed and I’ve lost all of my photos or work!

We love that you can set it up so you simply plug your phone in and it automatically syncs. Plus, you can sync folders onto your laptop so you can use your files as you would any others.

Must Have Travel AppsEvernote

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Upgrade available

I’ve not long discovered Evernote, and I love it for storing files. It’s similar to DropBox, but it has one extra feature that I love – Scannable (next App we mention).

Evernote is like an online filing cabinet – I break my files up into individual sections (or notebooks) and then store documents within! Very handy for accessing important documents whilst away.

Must Have Travel AppsScannable

Platform/s: iPhone
Price: FREE

A wonderful App (sadly for iPhone only) that is super useful. Use the App to scan documents – the app looks for the documents, turns them into a document (as opposed to just a photo of a document) and then gives you the option to save them to your photos, or save them to Evernote.

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