As parents we are always on the hunt for fun activities for the kids. In Kuala Lumpur there are a myriad of choices, but there is one we have heard more about than any other… so to celebrate Sienna’s 6th birthday, we headed to Kidzania KL!


Kidzania, for those that may not know, is an international chain of indoor theme parks catering to 4-14 year olds. Each Kidzania is a miniature city designed to simulate the real world, complete with it’s own functioning economy! They are not only lots of fun to visit, but highly educational at the same time!

We had heard so much about Kidzania from other traveling families – and it didn’t disappoint! In fact I was completely blown away by the level of detail! Both kids had an absolute ball, and have decided they now want to travel the world, choosing destinations based on Kidzania locations!

Let the Adventure Begin!


Let the adventure begin!

Our adventure started from the moment we stepped in the front door. An Air Asia ticket counter awaited us, where we had Sienna completely convinced that we were checking in for a real flight! When our tickets were purchased, the staff member presented us each with a boarding pass, a wrist band and a cheque worth 50 Kidzos for each of the kids. We were then instructed to go to the Check In Counter on Floor 5.


Welcome to KidZania International Airport!


At the Check In Counter


Don’t miss Immigration!

Up the escalator we went – where we were greeted by the body of an Air Asia plane, which jutted out through the walls of the building. We came across Check In, where we were then instructed to visit Immigration – all a part of the journey of leaving Kuala Lumpur to go to Kidzania.

Arriving at Kidzania

Upon arriving at Kidzania we were simply amazed at the place we found ourselves in – we were literally transported to a new, kid sized, city! The staff welcomed us warmly and immediately helped us to understand how to get started. We were invited to purchase (at an extra cost) a Kidzania passport for each of the kids, which allows them to receive extra benefits which can be used at any Kidzania, worldwide!


As you wander the streets of the city you pass all of the services and facilities one would expect to find in any normal city – a Hospital, a Firestation, a Dentist, Supermarket, Beauty Salon – even a McDonalds! Children have the opportunity to get a “job” and earn Kidzos (Kidzania’s currency) that they can later use to buy food and gifts, or pay for activities like getting a drivers licence or taking a cooking class!

Cooking School

Cooking class anyone?

Passports in hand – it was time to go to the bank! The kids needed to cash their cheques and get an ATM card!

Bank Sienna

Sienna getting her ATM card and depositing her cheque! No parents allowed in the bank!

ATM Card

They each got an ATM card!

And then, it was time to get to work… but with 90 activities in 60 professions for kids to choose from, how does one choose where to start?


Each activity is assigned a value and a time period, and is displayed at the entry of the establishment. Depending on the activity, children either earn money or spend money, and it is entirely up to them what they do. If they spend all of their money at the start, they quickly realise that they need to go and get a job to earn more money!!


Each activity either cost the kids money (-) or paid them money (+)

What shall we do?

We had a quick walk around and it took Sienna about 2 minutes to choose her starting point – she wanted to be Nurse, working in the Hospital, looking after the babies. Meanwhile, Brody decided he wanted a job at the transport department driving cars.

Firestation - Kidzania

The Kidzania Fire Station

Fighting Hotel Fire

Fighting fires with the local Fire brigade!

As a parent, what I really enjoyed was watching the way different activities worked together. For example, for Brody to get his “dream job”, he needed to have a Driver’s Licence and Insurance. To get his Driver’s Licence he needed to have his eyes tested!

Eye Test - Kidzania

An eye test for Brody

Both kids took part in a large array of activities. Sienna loved her modelling class, which led to a job in a fashion show and dancing lessons which helped her become a dancer. Brody worked at a bottling plant, as a mechanic, a toll booth operator and did spy training! He was also very proud to get his driver’s licence which involved quite a decent test!

And then, to top it off, both kids got to work at McDonald’s, and actually made their own hamburger’s for lunch! They were extra excited because I used to work their when I was a teenager, so they both felt pretty proud to say they’ve now worked there too, just like Mum!

Waiting In Line

Waiting to work at McDonald’s

Ready for Work

Almost ready for work!

Sienna At Work

Sienna making her own burger!

Brody's Burger

That’s how it’s done!

For Parents

Kidzania is made for kids! In fact, I got kicked out of a shop because it was strictly kid’s only!! LOL But Parent’s do get their own space in a special Parent’s Lounge, with relaxing lounges, massage chairs, free wifi and a little cafe. To be honest, it was good in theory, but we didn’t really use it – and we didn’t see anyone else use it either.

Parents Lounge - 2 images

It was however a nice place to escape to for a minute or two to get away from the noise! A whole place dedicated to kids means lots and lots of noise. At first, the volume of the place was completely overwhelming, but luckily it didn’t take too long to get used to it!


Kidzania took us about 20 minutes from the city – it was a really lovely drive, and using Uber it only cost us about $USD9/$AUD12 – much cheaper than a taxi!


The cost was pretty reasonable. We were there from 11am until 4pm and as a family it cost us $USD58/$AUD78 – not bad for a full day out. And to save money you should definitely book online!

Kidzania KL Pricing

Kidzania KL Pricing

My only real complaint was the charge for Parents. At nearly $USD20/$AUD26, it was a bit much. We were there to supervise our kids, and when they are on the smaller side, the chances are that you won’t use the Parent’s Lounge as you’ll be busy keeping an eye on your little ones.

But even at $USD58/$AUD78, for a full day out, it was remarkable value for money!


I was VERY impressed with Kidzania. I thought it was well worth the money (although having to pay as an Adult was a little rich!) and I was very happy to see both kids enjoying themselves so much. We spent about 5 hours there, and the kids managed less than 10 roles each, which means plenty more to do and see next time!

The noise of the place was a bit overwhelming, which is to be expected, but certainly not something I’d thought about!

Both kids LOVED it! They haven’t stopped talking about it since we left and are both really keen to go to more! In fact, they’ve been looking at the list of cities in the world that have one, making requests!


Why is there none in Australia?

Overall, I would highly recommend Kidzania, and we will definitely be taking the kids again!

Have you been to Kidzania?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time…


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