Our kids are thoroughly enjoying being in Bangkok. Every day is a new adventure and there is so much to see and do… Bangkok is definitely not short on activities that your kids will just love! This week we visited Imaginia Playland!


Imaginia Playland is well worth the visit – three hours of fun, games and tech – the kids had an absolute ball, and it was the perfect way to have a break from touristy activities and let the kids enjoy being kids! Parents can play too, or, thanks to their fantastic security measures, leave the kids to play and go for a wander!

What is Imaginia Playland?

Imaginia Playland, the “playland of imaginiation” is an incredible space in the heart of the city (so, super easy to get to). According to their website, they provide “imaginative building experiences embedded in creative activities that foster holistic childhood development or imagination development”. Put simply, it is a wonderful world of activities that encourages your children to use their imagination, to learn through playing, which after all, is what kids do best!

Imaginia Front

Why do kids love Imaginia Playland?

Imaginia Playland has an incredible range of “stations” for kids to get involved in and utilises modern technology as a huge part of the fun and games. From snapping photos of yourself which turn into playful characters on a big screen, classic art pieces that you can paint and manipulate yourself, a full size car that can be coloured in at a child’s will, or wrist bands that you scan at each station to unlock extra special features (like emailing crazy photos of yourself to Mum and Dad). Imaginia Playland truly is a “modern” play centre – completely different to those we’ve visited in the past, which meant hours of fun for everyone.

Karen as Lion

Turn yourself into a crazy character

Time Tube


Fun and games! Click to enlarge!

Sienna was particularly excited that the activities were suitable for parents too, and I had a ball getting involved and playing with her, without feeling like I was a giant in a land of little people!

Shadow Forest

Shadow Forest

Colour In Car

Colour in a car!

DJ Canopy

DJ Bro

Mix it up in the DJ booth!


Or visit the Builder’s Studio

Where is Imaginia Playland?

Imaginia is located at the Emporium Shopping Mall, which is conveniently located alongside the Phrom Phong MTR station.

How much does it cost?

For most things in Bangkok, the cost of activities depends entirely on your height – in Bangkok Brody is WAAAAAY bigger than the average child, so for most things he is considered an adult!

At Imaginia Playland, the recommended age is up to 12 years or 140cm… well at 11 years, Brody is 162cm, so the lovely ladies at the front counter were a little perplexed, but they graciously let him in as a child, because technically he met their age limit!

Cost of Entry

Height Chart

Things to know before you visit!

* A session lasts 3 hours! I found that to be the perfect amount of time!

* Bring socks! If you forget, though, you can buy them for 50 Baht per person! We forgot!


* Lockers are provided – all shoes must be removed and socks worn!


Lockers are provided

* Security is TIGHT! On entry they will photograph your children WITH their parent/guardian and provide you with an armband – your armband must be returned prior to leaving and your child will not be permitted to leave without the parent photographed on entry!

* Parents can leave! I spent half an hour or so exploring and playing with the kids and then went off and enjoyed some kid free time! You are asked to provide your contact number and if any stage your child needs you they can ask to call you! (Sienna called me because the lights flickered and she was scared!)

* Wristbands can be linked to your email address – this way, after each activity, your child can scan their wristband and send you a picture of themselves! Warning – your email box will be flooded with funny photos!

Is it worth a visit?

Absolutely! Our kids loved it! And both kids gave it 9/10!

Brody, at 11, said he started to get a little bit bored after a couple of hours, but Sienna loved every minute of it.

From a parent’s perspective it was wonderful to find a space where the kids could just play. Having the ability to leave them for a little while was lovely, and with the security measures they have in place, I was confident that they were completely safe, whilst I sat and enjoyed a coffee in peace! 😉

If you are after a unique, interesting and fun place for your kids to just be kids, then Imaginia Playland is definitely worth a visit!

Now tell me, what are your favourite kid friendly activities around the world? I’d love your recommendations in the comments below!

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