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JUNE 2016

June Itinerary:

13th-25th – Bangkok

25th-29th – Kuala Lumpur

29th-30th – Singapore

The Cost of Traveling:

June is a really hard month to report for – we were effectively only travelling for 18 days as we were at home in Australia for the first 13 days. So looking at that, we completely blew the budget. BUT we did also have the high cost of flying us all out of Australia ($AUD1486/$USD1114.50), which we won’t ordinarily have in a month. In the Summary below, I’ve broken down how this converts to actual day to day living costs!

Now that we have moved into the phase of travelling, with Cam commuting back to Australia for work, our budget is going to look completely different! It’s difficult to create a realistic budget when we include Cam’s flight costs (about $AUD1400/$USD$1050 per month). This sort of cost is not one that the average traveler will incur, so on that basis, we’ve decided to take Cam’s flights out of our calculations – and adjust our budget a little.

So, moving forward, our daily budget will be $AUD120.00/$90.00, excluding Cam’s flights.

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So how did our expenses break down for the month… let’s have a better look:

ACCOMMODATION – $AUD161.00 ($USD120.75)

For the majority of our time in SE Asia we have been housesitting. Naturally this means no accommodation costs! Our last 4 nights of the month were in Kuala Lumpur, at a cost of $AUD40.25/$USD30.75 per night. Not at all bad for a 2 bedroom apartment, minute from the city centre!!

ENTERTAINMENT – $AUD364.45 ($USD273.33)

We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in the few weeks we’ve been here. The cost of living is so much lower, which means visiting different attractions is much more affordable.

At home, we wouldn’t go out as much as we have been here. Between our day to day life and the cost of attractions, it’s just not a possibility at home. But in SE Asia, we’ve throughly enjoyed going out. This month we visited Kidzania, Bowling, play time at Kid’s Planet (an indoor amusement park), a big day at Imaginia Science Discovery Centre, going to the movies (complete with VIP seating and lots of popcorn and drinks), and an afternoon exploring Art in Paradise in Bangkok. All of that, for just $AUD364.45/$USD273.33!

FLIGHTS – $AUD1860.00 ($USD1395.00)

This is certainly on the high side this month, but as mentioned we had the high cost of getting us from Australia to SE Asia to contend with this month. Given the distance, Australia is expensive to get to and from and it is a cost that we just have to endure… luckily we won’t be doing that flight too often.

Other than that we had two other flights – Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Given that we don’t pay for accommodation because of housesitting, paying for flights becomes much more affordable.

EATING OUT – $AUD478.70 ($USD359.02)

Living in SE Asia means that food is cheap! Because of this, eating out is as cheap, if not cheaper than eating at home! So we have thoroughly enjoyed eating out, up to a couple of times a day whilst we’ve been here. It in itself is a great reason to get out and explore a place, looking for a restaurant that we might go to!

GROCERIES – $AUD215.80 ($USD161.85)

Despite all the eating out, we naturally still need groceries for at home. This is a little higher this month than it might ordinarily be, because during our time in Bangkok we had a housekeeper, who prepared meals for us, and the cost of those meals has been included here.

MISCELLANEOUS – $AUD131.60 ($USD98.70)

During our time in Bangkok this month, as part of our housesit, we were required to pay for the housekeeper, whilst the homeowner was away. Naturally this is not an expense we would normally have, so for the purpose of our budget we’ve included it here!

PARKING – $AUD83.00 ($USD62.10)

Our standard monthly cost, covering our car parking at home, at the Melbourne Airport!

PHONES – $AUD45.97 ($USD34.47)

This months phone cost included setting up sim cards in 3 different countries, for both Cam and I. Given that at home we were spending around $300 a month on our phone costs, we were thrilled with the cost we spent on phones this month, especially given that we had massive amounts of data available for use!! At home, we each get about 2.5gig a month – here we’ve had 10-14gig depending on the Sim!

TRANSPORT – $AUD212.12 ($USD159.09)

Our choice for transport during June was primarily Taxi’s and Uber. In Bangkok, our housesit was quite a distance out of town and not at all close to an MRT stop. But, in Bangkok, whilst they may take a while to get you anywhere, taxi’s are super cheap – we averaged about $10-$15 a day on taxis when we used them.

In KL, Uber was fantastic (click HERE for a FREE Uber ride!). They were super quick and MUCH cheaper than using taxis. In fact we did a comparison one day – in an Uber we paid $AUD2.33/$USD1.75 whilst the same journey in a Taxi cost us $AUD5.67/$USD4.59! Now I know we are not talking hundreds or thousands of dollars, but still, it’s a huge difference.

To be fair though, most of our Uber drivers were so lovely to chat to, and most of the time acted more like tour guides! So because of that, we always gave a little extra – it was worth it for the quality of the car, the cleanliness and the incredible service!

VISAS – $AUD0.00 ($USD0.00)

No Visa costs this month, as we were able to have Visa Free entry into all countries we visited.


Including our travel to SE Asia this month, we are over budget by $AUD1413.59/$USD1060.19 – however, given that we spent $AUD1486.00/$USD1114.50 getting from Australia to SE Asia, I am happy with our spending. We don’t plan on including any long haul flights in our day to day living, so this one is an exception to the rule!

If we exclude the cost of getting to SE Asia and look at our day to day living costs, which are the costs we will normally incur, we averaged $AUD115.97/$USD86.97 per day. With a daily budget of $AUD120.00/$USD90.00, we’ve got to be happy with that!

July will be our first full month in SE Asia. We’re thoroughly enjoying living over here – our dollars stretch so much further, and we can enjoy visiting lots of different attractions and eating out a couple of times a day, without really stressing about the budget at all. Living in SE Asia has certainly changed our quality of life, compared to living on the same amount back in Australia!

TOTAL SPEND $AUD3573.59 ($USD2680.19)

Daily Average = $AUD198.53 ($USD148.89)

Daily Budget = $AUD120.00 ($USD90.00)

OVER BUDGET BY $AUD1413.59($USD1060.19)


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