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JULY 2016


July Itinerary:

1st-6th July – Singapore

6th-31st July – Kuala Lumpur

The Cost of Traveling:

July has been a tremendous month for our budget, coming in a massive $AUD1242.86/$USD946.87 under budget! And, despite the huge savings, we have had a massive month – out and about exploring KL nearly every day – trying new food, visiting tourist attractions and celebrating my 40th birthday! Back in Australia, our budget didn’t allow us to do nearly as much as we would have liked to – in Kuala Lumpur, for far less money, we are eating out for nearly every meal, and going to attractions at least every 2 days, if not more often!

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So how did our expenses break down for the month… let’s have a better look:


We have been housesitting for the entire month of July, which has been a huge boost to the budget, and helped us come in WELL under budget. Having said that, if we allowed for accommodation for the entire month, I am confident we would have spent only about $800, which would have still resulted in a fantastic result for the month!

ENTERTAINMENT – $AUD781.43 ($USD595.33)

We have had a huge month – exploring Kuala Lumpur – and visiting attraction after attraction. At home in Australia our monthly budget of $4500 didn’t include any outings – they were ontop of the $4500.00. Because of that, we would be lucky to go out to an attraction a couple of times a month – in KL we’ve been going out at least every second day! Lots of blog posts coming soon about all the fun we’ve had this month!

FLIGHTS – $AUD153.00 ($USD116.56)

Our only flight this month was from our housesit in Singapore to our housesit in Kuala Lumpur. Cam has continued to travel to and from for work, at a cost of $AUD1948.17/$USD1484.21, which includes flights and transport to/from the airport. We normally allow $AUD1400/$USD$1050 per month, but this month had 5 weeks, plus some silly person forgot to book one of his flights and had to pay a premium to book it late!!!

Cam has continued to travel to and from for work, at a cost of $AUD1948.17/$USD1484.21, which includes flights and transport to/from the airport. We normally allow $AUD1400/$USD$1050 per month, but this month had 5 weeks, plus some silly person forgot to book one of his flights and had to pay a premium to book it late!!!   As per our June Report, his travel amounts are not included in our travel budget, as they are not a cost that full time travellers would normally incur.

EATING OUT – $AUD704.27 ($USD536.54)

The food in Malaysia is amazing – and so affordable! From street food that costs next to nothing, to yummy western style restaurants, we have enjoyed eating out every day this month, which we certainly couldn’t have afforded back home. On the whole, I’m finding that a western style restaurant is around 25% of the cost we would spend at home – which is just brilliant. We can pick a restaurant, enjoy a full meal and leave having spent around $AUD40/$USD30 – the same thing at home would be somewhere around $100-$120!

GROCERIES – $AUD335.98 ($USD255.96)

Naturally, we don’t eat out all of the time – the necessities of milk, bread, washing powder etc all make up our grocery bill, along with basic necessities for the odd full meal here and there!

MISCELLANEOUS – $AUD199.54 ($USD152.01)

We’ve had a few things we’ve bought this month, that are certainly not regular things we use or need. A new power bank for charging devices on the go, a watch and a wallet for Brody, a hairdryer for me (my other one blew up), repairs to my shoes (they’re under waranty but not worth the effort to send back) and some minor alterations to Cam’s bag to make his Osprey Porter 46 even more awesome!

PARKING – $AUD83.00 ($USD62.10)

Our standard monthly cost, covering our car parking at home, at the Melbourne Airport!

PHONES – $AUD16.67 ($USD12.70)

You certainly can’t complain about the cost of phones and data here in Malaysia!!! Granted we don’t actually call many people, so that accounts for low call costs, but we do use a whole lot of data… but it is crazy cheap. I’ve discovered the best option is buying 1gig/day at a cost of only $AUD1.00/$USD0.76 – we already had some left over data from our purchase in June, and only once that was done did we have to start paying for it.


Our housesit in Kuala Lumpur is a little out of the city, about 15 minutes drive from the centre. We aren’t close to any train stations so trains aren’t really an option – and besides, Uber is so cheap, and a great way to learn about the cities from locals, so why wouldn’t we!! At an average of $AUD4.52/$USD3.37, we certainly can’t complain!

VISAS – $AUD0.00 ($USD0.00)

No visa costs this month as we are allowed 90 days for free in Malaysia.

HEALTH – $AUD62.95 ($USD47.95)

What’s a visit to SE Asia without enjoying a massage or two… or three or four!!! I wasn’t sure whether to put this in health or entertainment, but either way, massages are super cheap and very enjoyable in SE Asia!


What a month – the living costs in Kuala Lumpur are just fantastic, and it has been fantastic to be able to just go out and enjoy ourselves with out much concern for the budget. Want to go out for dinner? Sure, why not! Want to go to a new attraction? Let’s do it.

Living in Kuala Lumpur is just easy – it is a lovely place to stay and the perfect hub for anyone that wants a truly affordable destination, whilst being super easy to experience all that SE Asia has to offer!

In August we stay in KL for another couple of weeks and then head off to Phuket for a couple of weeks. This month we have to actually pay for accommodation (shock horror!!!), which is something we’ve been fortunate enough to avoid with the amount of housesitting we’ve done… but hey, it’s so cheap here, that it’s not a big concern. 14 nights in Phuket for the 4 of us, at only $AUD450/$USD335.00 – thanks AirBnB!

TOTAL SPEND $AUD2477.14 ($USD1887.20)

Daily Average = $AUD79.90 ($USD60.87)

Daily Budget = $AUD120.00 ($USD90.00)

UNDER BUDGET BY $AUD1242.86/$USD946.87

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