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Where to Visit When Travelling in Asia

Destination Asia – As the world’s largest and most diverse continent, and is by far the most populated continent on earth. With 48 countries making up the continent, it is an amazing place to travel and one that is super popular, especially for the budget traveller. We have spent considerable time in Asia and enjoyed the variety of culture, food, language and experiences it offers. And for the most part, we found it to easily meet the needs of the budget traveller. We found most of the countries we visited, with the exception of Singapore, to be very kind to our wallet. As many told us before we headed off, for what we were spending at home, we could “live like Kings” in Asia, and they certainly weren’t wrong.

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So much to see and do in Asia – Swimming with Elephants in Chiang Mai

And with so much to see and do, we feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface. You could spend years in these countries and still have more to see. Between the unique cultural activities, the incredible history and the flavours of each nation, Asia truly does have a complete range of activities and something for everyone. The local people are just lovely and their service is wonderful. We often struggled with the language, but on most occasions, and with a little creative licence, the locals were only too willing to help ensure we got what we needed!

Travel within Asia is super easy and affordable. Air Asia provides extensive travel services throughout the region, or alternatively, bus or train operations (click here to read our Bangkok to Chiang Mai Sleeper Train post) is well set up and also very affordable.

We have enjoyed travelling through a range of Asian countries including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and China. We even spent a full month based in Kuala Lumpur, a stunning city to visit, which has the added incentive of being chock full of activities and programs for kids!

Please click on the map or the links below to read our guides and blog posts from our time in each.

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