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November Itinerary:

1st-11th November – Chiang Mai, Thailand

11th-27th November – Singapore

27th-30th November – Shanghai, China

The Cost of Traveling:

November was always going to be a hard month on our budget – two international flights, and half the month with paid accommodation, which we usually don’t have to cover. But despite this we managed to stick to the budget and only went over by a few dollars.

The big expenses this month were around $1000 in flights, $350 in transport costs and then $650 in accommodation costs. These three things alone made up 55% of our expenses. On top of that, our housesit this month, was in Singapore, which is one of the least budget friendly places we’ve visited this year.

But, despite all of that, we managed our money well and stuck to the budget. Now that Cam isn’t working and we have a set amount to last us, we have added motivation to stick to the budget – every dollar we don’t spend is an extra dollar to help us travel further.

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So how did our expenses break down for the month… let’s have a better look:

ACCOMMODATION – $AUD625.33 ($USD465.66)

We spent the first 10 nights in Chiang Mai and the last 3 nights in Shanghai – either side of our housesit in Singapore. We were able to find some great budget accommodation through AirBnB (if you haven’t tried them yet, get a big discount on your first night by clicking HERE). It’s amazing how little you can pay if you choose your destinations wisely!

CLOTHING – $AUD8.39 ($USD6.34)

This wasn’t an necessity at all, however a learning opportunity for Sienna, who found a little outfit that she liked, and practiced communicating with someone who didn’t speak the same language, and also, the art of bartering!

ENTERTAINMENT – $AUD418.90 ($USD316.64)

We had two big outings this month, one to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary ($AUD206.00/$USD154.00) while in Chiang Mai and to Universal Studios in Singapore for Brody’s 12th birthday celebration ($AUD212.90/$USD158.64).

FLIGHTS – $AUD1012.14 ($USD764.34)

Now that we are travelling further afield (given Cam is no longer tied into returning to Australia), we are hoping that we will travel by land a little more from here on in, which will save us a lot of money. However, this month we had two international flights – one from Thailand to Singapore, and then Singapore to China later in the month.

EATING OUT – $AUD679.14 ($USD512.86)

We ate out a lot while in Chiang Mai – street food and little restaurants were extremely budget friendly. But when we hit Singapore we had the benefit of a full kitchen so tended to eat at home a lot more (except of course when we tried Michelin Star Street Food).

GROCERIES – $AUD455.68 ($USD344.12)

The majority of this cost was spent in Singapore. While we enjoy not having to cook, being back in the kitchen (with a Husband who is a Chef) gave us a great opportunity to enjoy some yummy home cooked meals – something we haven’t had for a while!


Nothing very exciting in the miscellaneous category this month – repairs of a computer and pair of glasses. Something you’ve just got to do when things go wrong.

PARKING – $AUD83.00 ($USD62.10)

Our standard monthly cost, covering our car parking at home, at the Melbourne Airport! Now that Cam isn’t travelling to and from Australia any more, this cost will finish up in December.

PHONES – $AUD6.03 ($USD4.55)

We didn’t spend much at all this month on Phones – we had prepaid data left over in Thailand and were at our condo in Singapore quite a lot, which helped us save on this cost!

TRANSPORT – $AUD365.66 ($USD276.13)

Hiring motorbikes in Chiang Mai for a week, MTR travel around Singapore and a train from Shanghai to Nanjing made up our transport costs this month. It totaled more than we needed to spend, but cruising around Chiang Mai on our motorbikes was loads of fun (really it could have gone into our entertainment section lol)

VISAS – $AUD0.00 ($USD0.00)

No Visas this month – the cost of our China visas has been included in December.


For our first month on the road as a full time family of four, I was very happy to see that we reached our budget, especially given that the month included over a $1000 of flights, and the majority of the month was spent in Singapore.

We certainly didn’t have a super busy month (Singapore is not budget friendly!) but enjoyed the beautiful pool at our Condo complex, and just wandering around looking at the sights of Singapore.

We did have two big outings for the month with a full day at Universal Studios and at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary (both which are very expensive for a single day), so all in all, meeting our budget was quite the achievement!

TOTAL SPEND $AUD3605.59 ($USD2722.84)

Daily Average = $AUD120.19 ($USD90.76)

Daily Budget = $AUD120.00 ($USD90.63)


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