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August 2016


August Itinerary:

1st-16th August – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

16th-26th August – Phuket, Thailand

26th-28th August – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

28th-31st August – Penang, Malaysia

The Cost of Traveling:

August was a busier month, during which we took a “vacation” of sorts, a holiday from our life of travel – leaving our housesitting to spend ten nights in Phuket, Thailand with a friend who travelled over from Australia, followed by a trip to Penang to visit friends. Because of this, we had some accommodation costs this month, which housesitting has virtually eliminated from our budget for most months! Naturally, we also had additional flight costs this month. Ordinarily, we are trying to spend at least a month in each location, which reduces our flight costs greatly, but with flights multiple flights this month, costs are higher than normal. Luckily, though, with Air Asia budget flights, we are able to get around quite easily, whilst keeping the costs down.

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So how did our expenses break down for the month… let’s have a better look:

ACCOMMODATION – $AUD451.62 ($USD338.18)

Accommodation took a relatively big chunk out of our budget this month. Considering we normally house sit which eliminates accommodation costs, booking accommodation this month was always going to increase our expenditure. Luckily with the help of AirBnB we found a really nice place in Phuket for a fraction of the cost we might pay elsewhere. We deliberately chose to stay out of the bigger tourist areas, but still had a wonderful time in the family friendly area of Kata Beach. Also, whilst transiting in KL we needed accommodation, but discovered just 10 minutes drive from the airport a fantastic bunch of small budget hotels, all nicely renovated and with VERY budget friendly prices!

CLOTHING – $AUD5.72 ($USD4.28)

8 months into our travel and some of our clothing is starting to wear a little, and/or we may have lost some items along the way. We picked up a couple of bits and pieces this month to add to the packing list, but threw out a few older pieces at the same time.

ENTERTAINMENT – $AUD455.94 ($USD341.41)

We weren’t quite as busy this month with paid activities – we did plenty of site seeing, but much of it was free or low cost, time at the beach, wandering locals streets etc. The fantastic thing about travelling is that there is so much to see and do that is new and interesting, that you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to have days full of fun, new experiences and learning!

FLIGHTS – $AUD455.00 ($USD340.72)

Flights was a bit higher this month with a few trips around SE Asia. Flying the 4 of us from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket (return) and then Sienna and I headed off to Penang.

EATING OUT – $AUD909.16($USD680.82)

Almost $1000 on eating out! Well at least we enjoyed ourselves. And personally I’m loving having a break from cooking! An average, local meal can cost around $3-5 per person, so at that price why wouldn’t you eat out! If we decide to lash out and go to a restaurant, we have generally walked out having spent only $40-$50!!!

GROCERIES – $AUD198.52 ($USD148.66)

All the usual groceries this month… milk, bread, butter, breakfast cereal and anything else we may have needed to stock up the fridge!

HEALTH – $AUD5.02 ($USD3.75)

No real health issues this month! Yay! Some painkillers for headaches – nothing to exotic!

MISCELLANEOUS – $AUD103.25 ($USD77.31)

Miscellaneous includes items that are one offs and not really category worthy… this month we bought a new back up battery for Cam and Sienna and I had our hair done. The pricing at hair salons in Kuala Lumpur were crazy cheap and the did a fantastic job.

PARKING – $AUD83.00 ($USD62.10)

Our standard monthly cost, covering our car parking at home, at the Melbourne Airport!

PHONES – $AUD42.70 ($USD31.97)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – the cost of internet data in SE Asia is amazing!!!

TRANSPORT – $AUD402.29 ($USD301.25)

This month’s transport costs included the price of a rental car in Phuket – an unexpected but necessary addition to the budget. Otherwise it was all Uber and Grab Taxi costs.

VISAS – $AUD0.00 ($USD0.00)

No Visa’s required again this month!


We had a fantastic month in August. We travelled around quite a lot and got to see a lot of new places. Again, we are loving the cost of living in Asia – you can simply do so much, on a small amount of money. And where one might have to stop themselves or think twice about doing things, in SE Asia a little bit of money goes a long way, which has allowed us to relax a bit, knowing that we can comfortably come in under budget!

September is all about South Korea – we start the month with a few more days in Penang, before Sienna and I jet off to South Korea. The cost of living is much higher, however Sienna and I are both looking forward to some down time after a busy month with friends.

TOTAL SPEND $AUD3112.22 ($USD2318.81)

Daily Average = $AUD100.39 ($USD74.50)

Daily Budget = $AUD120.00 ($USD90.00)

UNDER BUDGET BY $AUD607.78 ($USD452.83)

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