So when we made the decision to venture out into this big world, we quickly realised that there were a whole bunch of things that we would need to do before we could even dream of heading off.

Obviously, there’s a million and one little things (many of which I’ve no doubt not even thought of) but there was a bunch of really BIG, no HUGE things that stood between us and our flight out of Australia.

  • 1. Sell our Business

  • 2. Sell our House

  • 3. Pay off our debts

  • 4. Downsize

Well, I’m very excited that Number 1 has now be crossed off the list, Number 2 is looking good, and Number 3 is underway…  and Number 4, well, it’s a bit of a process.

9 years ago, we built our dream house – 54sq of living including a stunning 7mtr x 14mtr deck overlooking some stunning views of the Victorian countryside.


We’ve absolutely loved living there BUT… what do you do with 54sq of living space?  You fill it up with STUFF! And lots of it! To put it into perspective, I don’t think either of our cars had seen the inside of our 3 car garage for about 5 years!

Over the past few months in preparing to put our house on the market we have seriously culled our STUFF. Selling on local FB groups, donating loads of boxes to Charity (my 5 year old keeps asking to meet her!), and throwing out multiple skip loads of junk that we’ve just held onto for no particular reason.

It dawned on me a few months back, after we’d made the decision to go, just how little material possessions we actually need in our lives.  I would walk around the house, or wander through the shops and think “can I take it when I go overseas”… in one very swift movement my mindset changed completely. No longer was I interested in owning ‘belongings’… we’d unknowingly made the decision to trade it all in for experiences.

Many years ago, we nearly lost our home in the Black Saturday Bush Fires. Every year since, as Summer has approached, we’ve packed up all of our truly valuable items and moved them to my Parents, just in case.  What I’ve realised in doing that, is that so much of what we own can easily be replaced. Sure, we have a beautiful home, beautiful furniture and beautiful things, and whilst we’d never wish to lose it all, I realised that if by any chance we ever did, a lot of what we owned could ultimately be replaced.

Over the past few days, this change has been truly put to the test. Trying to work, raise two kids, sell a business AND keep our house in pristine condition whilst it’s on the market has taken a toll.  It really is hard work, especially with my Hubby working away 7 days in 14. So to make life a little more manageable, in the last few days we have truly downsized… we have left our 54sq home in the countryside and moved into a little 3 bedroom unit in town.  Our home is still on the market so we’ve moved with minimal possessions – most of what we own is still on display in the old house!


I have to admit to being a little worried at how we would cope with such a massive change. After so much space, how would we manage?  But you know what – it is amazing. I’ve managed to furnish the whole home for about $600 (thanks eBay), always keeping in mind that we are only here for 6 months. In fact, it’s actually been a really fun little challenge/experience – living comfortably whilst spending as little as possible. We have culled so much over the past few months, and have focussed so much on the fact that we are leaving, that possessions truly have a very different meaning.

So as we downsize the amount of stuff that we own, we continue to ask ourselves “can I take it overseas?” And time and time again the answer is no.  Sure, some of it will go into storage, just in case we head off and suddenly decide we want to come home, but for the most part, if that does happen, it can all be replaced.

At the end of the day, material possessions just aren’t as important to us as our goal of travelling and experiencing this big, amazing world!

Until next time…


PS – Here’s a challenge for you – have a walk around your house and tell me about the things that can’t be replaced… do they make up 10%, 20%, 50% of your house? Love to hear your thoughts!

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