After my life changing flight from Lima to Miami a few days ago, my mind has just been running at a million miles an hour. If you didn’t see my last post (check it out here), I started reading “The 4 Hour Work Week” and it got me thinking about what I TRULY want to do with my life.

On my list of “if money was no object what would I do” things, I had only three items listed (pathetic I know!)… Travel, Diving and Helping other Women!  I can definitely see myself travelling the world… however I have one slight, tiny little problem.  Travel costs a lot, and if I’m not at work, I’m not earning money to pay for said travel around the world.

So the question in front of me: how to travel the world on a limited budget.  Or maybe I have the question the wrong way around.  Perhaps instead of a limited budget which would completely restrict what i could do, maybe I need to be working whilst travelling… working online maybe? Maybe the real question is:

How to work online AND travel?

The 4 Hour Work Week talks a lot about being able to travel and work.  Having a business that is location independent – that is, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are because you earn money working online – your job is independent of your location. Travel, paid for whilst I work anywhere in the world! Perfect.

A common name for a person such as this, is a Digital Nomad.

BUT how could I become a Digital Nomad? I have a Husband. I have 2 kids. I have a business. I have a house.  That’s a whole lot of complications to get through before I can even dream of trying to figure out how to work online and earn money!

OK… so how is this going to play out?

My husband has changed a lot over the years… when we got together travel wasn’t something of any interest to him. Well, other than maybe the USA!  For me, travel was something I longed for.  At 16 I’d traveled to the USA with 200 other Australian students on the Rock Challenge Tour (a promotion of Australia’s Rock Eisteddfod).  We travelled to 5 major cities, and whilst dancing was far from my strong point, I’d been given a role and up on stage I went.  I loved every minute of it, particular dancing, on a main stage, at Disneyland, California.  Not many 16 year old Aussies get to do that.

At 17 I finished Year 12 and then spent 12 months living in Trinidad, Bolivia as an Exchange Student.  What an amazing experience.  So many memories made during that 12 months, most good, a few not so good… but lifelong memories none the less.

My Husband on the other hand has been to the States… safe, similar to home, and well within his comfort zone.  And that is perfectly ok.

Over the years, we’ve begun to travel more and more, within both our own country and overseas.  In 2001 we left our friends and family, packed our stuff, and headed north, finding our new home (and job) in the beautiful town of Cairns, Far North Queensland.  This was a MAJOR move for my Hubby.  It threw him completely out of his comfort zone and was something that in all honestly, I’m surprised he even agreed to!

A few years later he shocked me again and suggested moving to the southern tip of Australlia.  I’d fallen pregnant with our first child and we wanted to be close to family.  When we first got together we did so on the agreement that we would never leave Brisbane… So Cairns AND SE Victoria were both well beyond what I ever expected to do together.

We’ve travelled to the States to party at Disney World.  We’ve spent two beautiful holidays in the tiny island of Fiji, and as I write this we have just spent three weeks travelling down the coast of South America, followed by two weeks in Bolivia.  This is well beyond the limit of my Hubby’s original comfort zones… it seems over time, things may have changed.

BUT, travelling, working AND living overseas?  I’ve always wished I’d travelled the world more before settling down… but trying to convince him to do this?  I honestly can’t imagine any scenario where he would say yes!

Besides… there are so many reasons why this is the craziest idea I’ve ever had!  But I am known for setting MASSIVE goals, and exceeding everyone’s expectations!

So, could we REALLY do it?  Could we sell up EVERYTHING and leave everyone we know and love to live… well, nowhere… and anywhere?

Hmmm… big decisions ahead!

Have you ever dreamed of living abroad?  Where would you like to go?  Let me know in the comments below…


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