Meet Us – The King Family

In January 2015, life changed dramatically for us… we decided it was time to give up on an ordinary life, follow our dreams and travel the world. Why wait until we retire?  Why wait until the kids have left home?  We decided to do it now, WITH the kids.

So this is our story… our journey as we create a new life for ourselves. Some may say we are crazy, some simply don’t understand, but the decision to give up our location dependent life to become digital nomads has ignited something within us.  We are excited.

Follow us as we plan for our adventure, as we pack up our ‘ordinary’ life and begin our new adventure.  This site will become our means of sharing our new, extraordinary life with friends and family… this site will become our home.

You may like to read about how we made our big decision, and you can read about the planning we did before we left!

“Leaving what feels secure behind and following the beckoning of our hearts doesn’t always end as we expect or hope…

But here’s the payoff: it can be amazing and wonderful and immensely satisfying.”

― Steve Goodier

Get to know our family! We are an Australian Family of 4. We are giving up our “ordinary life” and heading out into this big wide world…

Where will we go? No idea! How long will we stay? No idea. We will have no commitments… so if we stop somewhere and love it, we can stay as long as we like. If we don’t, we’ll move on…


Mum, Wife and Chief Organiser – I love to travel and get super excited when we arrive at a new destination we’ve never been to. Before travel I ran a very successful cake decorating business in my local town, but after working too many long hours, for too many years, I felt like I was missing out on watching our kids grow up. And I dreaded waking up one day to find I’d completely missed their childhood.

Life since travelling has been a constant mix of trying new things, getting thrown in the deep end and learning about the incredible world we live in. I was nervous about worldschooling the kids, but always believed in child lead education. Our time on the road has shown me firsthand that letting our children learn by following their interests is an incredibly powerful way to learn, and both kids blow me away every day. Furthermore, by helping and watching them learn, I’ve been very surprised by how much I’ve learned too!


Easy going Dad and Hubby, Cameron (or Cam) is a qualified Chef, and spent 12 years before travel, working on an oil rig offshore. After finishing his work midway through our first year of travel, Cam has enjoyed being with the family full time, something he’s rarely experienced working away, week on/week off. Cam enjoys travelling to new parts of the world and seeing how other people live. He enjoys learning about different cultures, trying new foods and helping the kids with their worldschooling. Now that he is no longer working as a Chef, he is working to build a number of online businesses to help support our future travel endeavours.


What can I say about Brody? He’d like me to tell you he’s awesome! Brody is a typical pre-teen that loves gaming, the internet and hanging out with friends, albeit in his case, online. He completed 6 years of schooling before we began Worldschooling, and we have all taken a bit of time to go through the process of deschooling, but after 12 months on the road, the natural learner in him has begun to emerge and he is discovering interests in unusual places. He constantly surprises us all with his knowledge about random topics, mostly learned through following his interests online.


The baby of the family, Sienna is a fun loving, happy girl, who absolutely loves learning. Worldschooling has been sensational for Sienna who is incredibly inquisitive and naturally turns everything she sees into an opportunity to learn. She is loving our travels, and while it took a little while for her to settle in, she adapted quickly and now considers “home” to be wherever we are!

Sienna loves housesitting. She has a wonderful caring nature and the pets we look after benefit from loving personality. When asked she says the best part of travel is “spending time with my family”, something we could never have if it wasn’t for this incredible lifestyle.

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