After 3 weeks housesitting in Perth, a month in Al Ain, UAE, 4 nights in London and 5 nights in Paris, today we are heading to Spain.

The last week and a bit have been absolutely crazy. Between finishing our housesit in the UAE and heading back to Australia later this month, we decided to do a highlights tour of Europe, a continent we’d never been to.

The problem with travelling from one city to the another like we have, is that you move so quickly. You are in each destination for such a short time that you want to use every minute and make the most of every second you have. And that makes you tired… very tired.

So whilst we are having a ball, and enjoying every minute, we are looking forward to our housesit in Spain. A few extra days to relax, a 3 bed house to spread out in, and some puppy dogs to cuddle (the kids have really been missing our past housesit dogs!)

And today, the time has come to head off to Spain, so we are packing up, jumping on a plane and heading off to a brand new city that we’ve never been to, where they speak yet another language. That’s 4 different languages, in the past 10 days – my poor brain is getting very confused!)

And for those of you following along at home, I’ve decided to do something a little different today! Today I’m going to write my blog throughout the day, adding to the post each hour so that you can share our day with us. The highs, the lows, and everything in between (let’s hope for more highs than lows!)

So, let’s get going – click on the arrow below to get started!


Let the fun begin!