I have to be honest and say the idea of selling up everything and travelling the world is extremely exciting and absolutely terrifying at the same time…

I can think of sooo many reasons to do it, but also sooo many reasons not to.

But when all is said and done, I don’t think any of my reasons are enough to stop us experiencing the adventure of a lifetime… although there is a couple in there that are completely out of my control.

So here I go… I’m going to work through these concerns, one at a time, and see what I come up with!

10 Reasons I couldn’t be a Digital Nomad


 1) We have a mortgage (2 in fact)

9 years ago, we built our Dream Home.  We spent months and months visiting display homes, working out what we liked and what we didn’t like, sketching plans and designing the ultimate dream home.

Today, our home is beautiful – perched on top of a hill with 270 degree views of the valley below us.  Stunning, once in a lifetime views, from the dream home that we designed and for a big part of it, built ourselves.

So why on earth would we want to give that up?  Well… maybe we don’t have to give up on beautiful views. Maybe, we replace these views with new ones?


What if the view became the Pyramids in Egypt? The coast of Santorini in Greece? Or the Grand Canyon in the States.

And our home itself? Well, we would have to sell it. Selling would free up a sizeable amount of equity that would help us clear our debts making our day to day living expenses much lower.  And the balance could be invested so that we always have something to come home to.

Our other mortgage? An investment property in Brisbane, QLD.  For the most part it pays for itself, so very little would be needed to keep that ticking over!

2. We’ll miss our family and friends

Well, of course we will, who wouldn’t.  But, when I sit down and think about it, so many of my friends don’t actually live anywhere near me. Most of my closest friends live anywhere from 2 hours away, 2 days drive away, to 2 days flight away! In today’s day and age, relationships have changed so much. As much as I sometimes dislike Facebook, it is a brilliant tool to help us be a part of each other’s lives.  Skype puts us face to face with our loved ones so incredibly easily.

Whilst I’ll miss a regular hug from my Mum and Dad, my little Sis and my Niece and Nephews, we will never really be so far away that we couldn’t come back. And luckily for me, my parents rarely stay at home for very long between adventures, so I have no doubt they will join us at some point, wherever we are.

3. How will the kids get a good education?

This, as you can imagine, is a HUGE factor to be considered.  Our Son is due to start Grade 6 next year, and our baby girl, Prep. A big part of me cringes at the idea of missing out on her first day of school, and watching him graduate primary school. BUT, when i watched them in South America, learning another language, socialising with kids of different nationalities, and watching them try and learn new things, it really was a no brainer. What an AMAZING gift to give our kids.

Imagine helping your kids grow up learning multiple languages, experiencing things that many never will and helping open their eyes to ALL of the possibilities this world has to offer. Would I really sacrifice that so they can start and finish another year at primary school?

BUT, I do have to admit to being a little nervous at the idea of homeschooling. When Brody was due to start primary school, we contemplated Montessori, and we even contemplated homeschooling. Mention homeschooling to anyone who has not done some research and you will be bombarded with reasons against it, and for the most part they are justified concerns. However once you start looking into it, you begin to learn why these issues just don’t make sesnse.

The biggest fears I’ve had include:

Will our kids be socialised enough?

The definition of socialising is: a process that begins at birth and continues into adulthood. It is a process in which we learn how to become human and to behave in ways that are acceptable to others. 

In my opinion, socialising our children is about them interacting with others. Everywhere we go our kids do just that. Travelling throughout South America, and even Fiji, both kids make friends instantly, and for the most part they do so with kids that don’t even speak the same language. Both of them now have friends in many different countries, from the USA and Canada to Fiji and even Germany!

In my opinion, socialising our children doesn’t have to involve being in a room with 20-30 other kids that may have nothing more in common than their age.  As an adult, I don’t think I have more than 1 or 2 friends that are the same age – some of my friends are 15 years older than me, and some are 13 years younger! Age isn’t the important factor, it’s learning how to interact in a manner that is respectful and appropriate.

Will our kids fall behind at school with me as their Teacher?

The idea of being 100% responsible for my children’s education is really scary… BUT what I have discovered is that I can actually enroll both of them with Distance Education Victoria. This will give them the structure I need, to feel comfortable that I am keeping them on track, plus, it meets the legal obligations I have as a parent in the state we live in.

Furthermore, the sheer amount they will experience out in the big wide world, can only help them throughout their lives. If there comes a time where we return, and the kids go back into school, does it really matter if they drop back a year? They may well be fluent in 3 or 4 different languages, and have experienced more in life than many adults ever will! An extra year of formal education is nothing compared to what our travels will teach them.

 4. We have a house full of stuff!

The house we live in at the moment is huge. 36 squares of living with an additional 14 squares of decks and 8 squares of garage. As you can imagine these means we have A LOT of stuff.

But, a few years ago, we suffered through the Black Saturday Bush Fires and whilst we were lucky enough to keep our house (and our lives), ever since, at the start of every summer, we walk around and pack up all of our valuables. And you know what, so much of what we have is just STUFF. Things that can be so easily replaced. Yes we have a nice comfy King Size Bed and some lovely couches and a bunch of other things, but really, a bed is a bed, a couch is a couch. The Black Saturday Fires really changed the way we look at STUFF (mind you, we still have an awful lot of it!)

Since coming up with this idea, and dreaming of the day we leave, material possessions have never seemed less important. In the past, where I might have seen something and though “oh, I just have to have it”, lately, that thought has been closely followed by “can I take it when we travel?” And for the most part, the answer is no.

So, all the stuff we do already have – a lot has already been sold off, and a lot more will be sold off. Hubby wants to put a big chunk of it in storage, just in case, but me, I’m not too worried… it’s just STUFF!

Wow, my little list has suddenly grown way beyond what I was expecting… so, it might be time for a break… I’m sure there is another million reasons I couldn’t do this. But I’m starting to think there’s a million reasons why I should!

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